Considering I watch an incredible amount of documentaries on college hockey teams such as Boston University, University of Michigan, and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll even watch Michigan State University hockey documentary (even though I am die hard Michigan fan). But as I currently play club hockey and all of my current roommates […]



Upon starting my brand about sports, I have found plain ole text can be dry and or boring. I decided to use a new tool to further inform my readers about something I’m very passionate about, which is sports. That tool is Piktochart.com. I was able to use this website in order to make a […]

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Brand Yourself

Using the website, BrandYourself.com, I was able to search my own name on the web and see what results were brought up. BrandYourself allows you to distinguish which results are beneficial for your public image vs. what might not be. This tool also allows you to bury results that may be harmful to your public […]

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