Business Card

Nothing makes you feel more official than having your own business card. I decided to strap up and design my own. With the help of Photoshop’s InDesign program, I was able to create my very own two-sided business card that best showcases my blog/brand. The main reason for designing a business card was I wanted to be able to give someone that best resembles who I am and what I’m about. Upon receiving one of my business cards, you’ll find all of my information as well as the web address to my blog.

Upon designing my business card, I had to think about what would let me stand out from competitors. I even attempted to create my own logo, through Microsoft word. I tried to bring a flashy vibe to my business card with the hopes it would “pop” to someone viewing it. With the help of InDesign , I was able to accomplish my goal of designing my first business card.




Doyle, E. (2017 April 6). InDesign screen [Screenshot].


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