The NHL and March Madness, What else could you ask for?

For this post, I tried out Google’s AdWord  tool. I used this tool in order to learn how to optimize my searches and see what I could do in order to pull more visitors to my blog. The more people who find my blog, the more visitors I will accumulate. With this tool I am able to input phrases and keywords into Google that would result in my blog being a result. Upon putting in a word/key phrase, AdWord provides a list that will pull the best results.

I found this tool very useful to my blog. I used 5 keywords or phrases, and what I obtained was very beneficial to me. Listed below are the 5 words I used to and even how often those said keywords are searched on a monthly basis. Aside from the 5 I chose, I also used 5 suggested keywords from Google AdWords as well. With this newly found information, I am hoping I will be able to pull more viewers to my blog!

Suggested Keywords

Sports blog  10 – 1k

GVSU  10 – 10K

Fantasy Football 100 – 10k

March Madness 1k – 100k

NHL  100- 100k

My own keywords

Sports talk  100 – 1K

Grand Valley Hockey  10- 140

Fantasy sports  10 – 10K

Sports Podcast  10 – 1K

Hockey  1k- 1M

I really enjoy posting on my own personal Sports Blog.

Attending GVSU has been a unique experience that I thoroughly enjoy day in and day out.

I have yet to win a Fantasy Football championship.

March Madness, is the most exciting sports tournament to watch.

NHL playoffs are right around the corner, It’s a shame the Detroit Red Wings will not be in them for the first time in 25 seasons.

Check out the current NHL standings to see if your team is going to make the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As well as making sure your March Madness Bracket stays in-tact.


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