Considering I watch an incredible amount of documentaries on college hockey teams such as Boston University, University of Michigan, and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll even watch Michigan State University hockey documentary (even though I am die hard Michigan fan). But as I currently play club hockey and all of my current roommates play as well, I figured I’d give it my best shot and make a mini-documentary about some of players and their backgrounds. I asked them multiple questions such as, when they began playing hockey, what their favorite team is, as well as maybe their favorite hockey related memory?

After the filming aspect of the video, it was time to sit down and actually try to edit and cut the video. I was fairly familiar with using the video software Final Cut Pro as I used to make plenty of videos growing up with some of my neighborhood friends. So using the software was pretty simple for me. The part that prove to be the hardest was trying to have my roommates/teammates hold it together while filming. The camera will do some funny things to you, thats for sure. However, I hope you enjoy my miniature documentary of the GVSU D3 Hockey team.

Special thanks to my roommates/teammates, Scott Scheuneman, Charlie Reed and Yirps Lawton.

Check out GVSU’s upcoming Regional schedule as they hope to make it to the national tournament Here .

Also check out my LinkedIn profile! As well as one of my personal pages, here !

I have also provided my storyboard in which I was able to create for free through this website !

story board.pngstoryboard 2.png

Doyle, E (2017, February 23) Ethan Doyle CAP105 Storyboard [Storyboard Screenshot] Retrieved from StoryBoardThat

thor, A. (date). Title of document [Format description]. Retrieved from http://URL

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 12.21.57 AM.png

As well as my own personal video here!


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