Upon starting my brand about sports, I have found plain ole text can be dry and or boring. I decided to use a new tool to further inform my readers about something I’m very passionate about, which is sports. That tool is I was able to use this website in order to make a visually pleasing infographic for my readers. Using the website is much easier than you may think. Upon signing up for Piktochart, which was very simple considering I was able to sign up through facebook, I was able to pick a free template to begin with. From then on I was able to change the font, images, and even logos with ease. There I highly recommend using this wonderful tool to create visually pleasing infographics for your readers as well!

Citations: Piktochart. (2017) Reference lists: Electronic sources. Retrieved


3 thoughts on “Infographic

  1. Great infographic and I say this because it is simple, but yet very informal on what you are talking about I feel like I was able to learn more about your sports background.


  2. I also love following and playing all kinds of sports, especially football. The website was, like you said, very simple and easy to use. I even created my own infographic that you can see on my site. Unlike you though I have been undefeated in fantasy football for 3 years in a row and counting. Good luck next year.


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