Google Analytics

Upon starting a brand and or blog, I didn’t realize how much went into being successful. Whether through TweetDeck, Google Analytics, or even Photoshop. These are tools that you may need to be successful in todays society. Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool for tracking website data and or visitors. What you do with those […]

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Career Center

It’s been a very busy year for myself. A lot of things went my way which I’m pretty thankful for. I was able to land a job on the West Michigan White Cap’s Promotion Team. As well as receive a promotion at my current play of employment, Perani’s Hockey World. I was promoted from Sales […]

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Considering my brand is primarily centered around sports and or sports talk, I was fortunate enough to attend Grand Valley State University’s SAAC Anchor Award show. This show is set up for all the NCAA athletes that attend the school in order to pass out all sorts of awards. From Best freshman, Highest GPA, Best […]

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Scheduled Tweets

I decided to try and use a new program named, “TweetDeck” . This tool allows me to schedule tweets for anytime of the day or night. With this tool I’m able to send tweets out without even opening my phone. I’ll be able to reach a larger group of people with as well, considering I […]

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Business Card

Nothing makes you feel more official than having your own business card. I decided to strap up and design my own. With the help of Photoshop’s InDesign program, I was able to create my very own two-sided business card that best showcases my blog/brand. The main reason for designing a business card was I wanted […]

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For this blog post I decided to use my team picture from the 2016-2017 hockey season as a starting point for my final image. With the help of Photoshop , I was able to set my team picture inside a mugshot and even use a filter to give off the impression that the picture is set in […]

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